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The cover of "Recipes for a Better Menopause" By Dr Federica Amati & Jane Baxter

Recipes for a Better Menopause

‘Your diet during the menopause is the most important choice you make, so read this book.’ Tim Spector ‘Nutrition is a hugely important part of menopause. Backed by science, this book has delicious ways of supporting our bodies when we really need it.’ Davina McCall ‘What an incredible book, full of brilliant recipes from Jane.’ Angela Hartnett ‘Fabulously informative with exceptionally good recipes. A great addition to the menopause cause.’Liz Earle MBE With ground-breaking scientific research from nutrition expert Dr Federica Amati and super-tasty, nourishing recipes from award-winning chef, Jane Baxter, Recipes for a Better Menopause will help you harness the power of food to optimise your health. Featuring Mediterranean-style dishes, from satisfying dinners to indulgent treats, the recipes are packed with nutrients, protein and essential vitamins to give your body the goodness it needs to thrive. Whether you want to combat sleeplessness, hot flushes and brain fog, or you simply want to feel better, physically and mentally, Recipes for a Better Menopause will give you the tools you need to transform your health.

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