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Pro Collagen Gels

World’s 1st vegan collagen designed to transform your skin, in a travel-friendly individual cherry-flavoured gel format. Providing anti-wrinkle support, as well as increasing skin elasticity, while supporting hair and nail growth. Unlike marine or bovine collagen, this unique collagen:
  • absorbs 4x times better bypassing the digestive system due to its molecule size of 112 Dalton (100 times smaller than collagen peptides) 1g of Feel Pro Collagen = 4 grams of animal/marine collagen
  • the only collagen identical to human Type I collagen (all 18 amino acids)
Shown to reduce fine lines and wrinkles by 32.9% in just 28 days. 80% of users in a clinical study saw a significant improvement in skin elasticity, hydration, and suppleness. Pro Collagen increases collagen production in the body by 135%. Clinically shown to double collagen production just after 2 days. Achieve noticeable results in 90 days. All Feel products can be combined for optimal benefits.

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