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Our 10 Non-Negotiables

We do the hard work so you don’t have to! It’s a minefield out there in the product world! So we have tried and tested 100’s of products to help our community and guide them to the best on the market! We don’t want you wasting your money on products that promise you the world but deliver no results.

How do The House of Hormones pick their fave products?
When ranking the products we promote, it’s crucial we consider a range of factors to ensure a comprehensive evaluation.

Before we even consider promoting a product to our lovely community, here are some key questions The House of Hormones ask:

  • Are they pushing the boundaries for change? Do they advocate for women’s physical and mental health?
  • Is their packaging aesthetically pleasing – does it match with The House of Hormones Vibe and to the taste of our community?
  • Do they meet our Efficacy and Safety standards?
  • Do they reach our Quality & Manufacturing expectations?
  • Excellent Brand Reputation – Good Reviews and Great Customer Service are a must!
  • Are they cost effective within the market & easily accessible?
  • Do they meet our Ethical and Environmental standards?
  •  Are they innovative and unique?
  • Does the product comply with relevant regulations?
  • Does the product contribute to overall well-being?
By addressing these questions, we can perform a thorough and balanced evaluation of each and every product, ensuring that we select only the very best ones for you, based on reliable and comprehensive criteria.
We don’t promise that every product will work for everyone, we are all different! But we DO PROMISE that we have tried, tested and trust each brand and every product!
Please note we do not have our own line of products and are completely impartial to all products on the market. We handpick every single product we promote, and trust us ….we are fussy about it!

Hormone Balance Retreat

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