The House of Hormones

How to Change Your Life in 6 Months: This One Hack Will Make It Happen 

Mel shares the one question that will determine your next six months (and reveal who you really are). Then, you’ll learn how to go from thinking about what you want to taking action and making it happen.

The free companion workbook to this episode can be found at

Along with your workbook, Mel has created 2 video trainings to help you feel inspired, energized, and in control again.

Mel created this free program, Make It Happen, as a way to thank YOU for your support of this podcast and for making it one of the most popular podcasts in the world.

The next 6 months of your life could be extraordinary, but it’s not going to happen by accident.

It will happen because you CHOOSE to make it happen.

Do not let any more time go by wishing things were different. This is your opportunity to make it happen. Why wouldn’t you take it?

And the cool part? It takes less than a minute for you to get started. Just sign up at

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